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A bridge between classical music, jazz and popular traditions

Nubras is an international ensemble formed in 2022who is dedicated to building a bridge between "Western cultured" music and the sound of the Balkans and the Middle East, combining musicians from the world of classical, jazz and popular music.

A Venetian violinist, a Spanish one, a Polish cellist, a Trentino saxophonist and a Neapolitan percussionist meet among Bulgarian dances, Romanian suites and songs of Serbian and Macedonian tradition. These are the colors that transport the public in different dimensions. The songs in the repertoire, rearranged by Nubras, arise from travels, from meetings made in recent years in Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania. Each of them is the bearer of a story, of an exchange with local musicians and with professionals who have been studying this repertoire for years.

Line up: Carla Mulas González and Giulia Anita Bari (violin - Spain/Italy), the young virtuoso of the cello Rachel Blueberger (Poland), the multi-instrumentalist Giorgio Gadotti (alto sax, tenor, gajda, accordion), the percussionist Luca Cioffi and the accordionist Nino Conte.

Nubras is a play on words. Overwhelmed by the winds of the wonderful Balkan fanfares, we have decided to becomeNo Brass.

No Brass has become Nubras, which in Arabic is the lantern of those who open new paths.

Nubras Ensemble

Nubras Ensemble

Nubras Ensemble
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Nubras Ensemble - CHIE E TOVA MOMICHE Bulgarian folk song

Nubras Ensemble - CHIE E TOVA MOMICHE Bulgarian folk song

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Nubras Ensemble – MAJKO MAJKO Serbian gypsy folk music

Nubras Ensemble – MAJKO MAJKO Serbian gypsy folk music

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I brani in repertorio, riarrangiati dai musicisti di Nubras, nascono dai viaggi, dagli incontri fatti in questi anni in Macedonia, Grecia, Bulgaria, Romania. Ognuno di loro è portatore di una storia, di uno scambio con musicisti locali e con professionisti che da anni si occupano dello studio di tale repertorio.

Line up: Carla Mulas González e Giulia Anita Bari (violino - Spagna/Italia), la giovane virtuosa del violoncello Rachel Blueberger (Polonia), il sassofonista Giorgio Gadotti (sax contralto), il percussionista Luca Cioffi
e il fisarmonicista Nino Conte.

Nubras è un gioco di parole. Sovrastati dai fiati delle meravigliose fanfare balcaniche, abbiamo deciso di diventare No Brass. No Brass è diventato Nubras, che in arabo è la lanterna di chi apre nuove strade.

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Carla Mulas Gonzáles

Violin (Spain)

Carla trained at the Superior Conservatory of Music in Valencia, Spain, in classical violin and then devoted himself, in addition to the classical repertoire, to traditional music (falmento, music from Eastern Europe, Jazz). She collaborates with numerous classical and pop orchestras, dance companies and musicians (the Uruguayan singer Natalia Meyer, the guitarists Franco Tinco and Sandro Bagazzini, the jazz guitarist and composer the jazz  Michele Frascà and the accordionist Paolo Rozzi). She teaches violin in Rome at the Viva Music and Arte dei Suoni schools. Carla has a passionate sound, at least as passionate as his great love of plants!


Giulia Anita Bari

Violin (Italy)

Giulia Anita trained in classical violin at the Venice Conservatory and graduated in Political Science and International Relations at the Universities of Padua and Florence. She works for numerous international organizations and NGOs in Italy and abroad (UNHCR, ActionAid, Oxfam, MEDU, SCI, Terra!), combining musical studies with humanitarian experience in the field. She gives life to numerous projects, including the Orchestra dei Braccianti, and collaborates with orchestras and ensembles in Italy and abroad (with the Albanian singer Elsa Lila, Renato Zero, the string orchestra of Rome of Maestro Marco Omicini , the Balkan Lab Orchestra, Cinematic Ensemble, etc). She likes to dance a lot.


Rachel Blueberger

Cello (Poland)

Young virtuoso of the cello, Rachel trained in Krakow and at the Conservatory of Bolzano, graduating with full marks. Awarded in numerous international competitions (1st prize at Talents of Europe Competition in Slovakia), in 2016 she becomes first cello of the Italian Youth Orchestra. In 2019 she performed in Ecuador as a soloist the Barber Concerto with the Orquesta Sinfónica of Cuenca, conducted by Michael Meissner and at the Internasjonal Kammermusikkfest in Norway. In June 2021 she performed Dvorak's concert with the Monteverdi Orchestra conducted by Emir Saul. She is a cello teacher at numerous schools in Trentino Alto Adige. Besides all this sound, she is also an excellent illustrator!


Giorgio Gadotti

Alto sax (Italy)

Multi-instrumentalist, since childhood he has dedicated himself to the study of the guitar, becoming passionate about punk music. After graduating in Political Science he begins to travel the world, living in three different continents, in search of new sounds. He approaches the study of percussion and sax in Cuba, of the sitar in India and of the accordion, his passionate companion during a long stay in Australia. Back in Italy, he decides to devote himself to jazz, training at the Siena Jazz Academy, and playing in ensembles dedicated to the musical traditions of the Balkans (Balkan Lab Orchestra, Meraki Balkan Orchestra). He is an exceptional cook and farmer.


Luca Cioffi

Percussion (Italy)

Neapolitan percussionist, for years he played with EviEvan, a rebetiko group, thanks to which he fell in love with Greek culture and music. He plays in various ensembles between Naples and Rome. For years he has dedicated himself to the study of the tabla, Indian percussion, which he started under the guidance of Pandit Shanka Chatterjee. Specialized in darbuka, frame drums and tabla. Currently he plays in music formations and ensembles connected to the tradition of the Mediterranean and Balkan: Willy Balkans Travel Agency, Rûm, Nubras Ensemble, Noureddine Fatty and Orchestra dei Braccianti. He has played and collaborated with Moni Ovadia, Neri Marcore, Massimo Wertmuller, Anna Ferruzzi, Vangelis Merkouris, Daniele Sepe, Santosh Ghante, Abdenbi El Gadari, Gnawa Bambara, Royal Philarmonic Orchestra, Gregorian Choir of the Vatican.


Luca Cioffi

Percussion (Italy)

Nino Conte began studying the accordion in Naples in 2008 followed by various teachers. In 2011 he began to perform in various theater reviews and popular music events. Soon he will approach other musical genres such as manouche jazz and Balkan music. Despite his young age he has had many musical collaborations. Among these, Marcello Colasurdo, Trio Tarantae, Gerardo Amarante e gli spaccapaese, Ars Nova Napoli,, Daniele Sepe, E Zezi. He has also participated in festivals and events, including: Adriatico Mediterraneo Festival, Kontaminazioni, Roccella Jazz Festival, Procida Culture Festival, Musincka Balkan Festival, Urban Felix, Cologne Baroque Music Festival.

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